Web Enable R models with Shiny

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Last September I was preparing for my fantasy football league and I found this really cool web app that suggested the optimal draft recommendations based on the rules of your league. I then found the associated article on r-bloggers that explained how it was done: http://www.r-bloggers.com/win-your-fantasy-football-snake-draft-with-this-shiny-app-in-r/ Shiny is the secret sauce to make this possible: The Shiny package makes it super simple for R users like you to turn analyses into ... [More]

My Auction Framework MVP

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I have been a huge fan of eBay since the moment I first found it (back in 1997 or so). It truly was the world changing marketplace because: It quickly gained critical mass with worldwide populations of buyers and sellers. The auction format is easy to understand and allowed the market to determine the prices.  It was an early web 1.0 company that thrived after the dotcom bust of 2001. Over the years, I have seen both start ups and established companies launch would be competitors to... [More]

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