#1 news story on espn.com details something that happened on SportsCollectors.Net

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  In my 20's, I taught myself to code and I created what has become a fairly popular community for sports autograph collectors - SportsCollectors.Net. I have mentioned it a few times before on this blog. There is a really passionate collector who also happens to be a Major League baseball player named Pat Neshek. Pat is a really effective middle reliever and made his second All Star game this season. He is also known as one of the most generous players of giving his time and autograph to ... [More]

Simulating Vertica's conditional_change_event

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Lately my team has spent a bunch of time migrating our data warehouse from Vertica to Snowflake. While Snowflake has excellent support for analytic functions, Vertica has some functions that no other columnar database supports.  The conditional change event function "assigns an event window number to each row, starting from 0, and increments by 1 when the result of evaluating the argument expression on the current row differs from that on the previous row". CONDITIONAL_CHANGE_EVENT (... [More]

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