Snowflake Testimonial - Rent The Runway: Reinventing Retail with Data Driven Insights

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In August, I spoke at the Snowflake analytics tour on the topic "Rent The Runway: Reinventing Retail with Data Driven Insights". I was also asked to provide an account of our experiences migrating data warehouse vendors - going from Vertica to Snowflake. Below is the video:  

Simulating Vertica's conditional_change_event

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Lately my team has spent a bunch of time migrating our data warehouse from Vertica to Snowflake. While Snowflake has excellent support for analytic functions, Vertica has some functions that no other columnar database supports.  The conditional change event function "assigns an event window number to each row, starting from 0, and increments by 1 when the result of evaluating the argument expression on the current row differs from that on the previous row". CONDITIONAL_CHANGE_EVENT (... [More]

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