There’s a big difference between routine and commitment

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I am a very big fan of the New England Patriots. In the early 1990's, they were terrible (going 1-15 twice in 3 years). Then Bill Parcells was hired as the coach and turned around the fortunes of the team. In 1995, he let go of the team's best running back Marion Butts and used a third round draft pick on Curtis Martin from Pittsburgh. Martin immediately became his starter, went on to have 3 really great years in New England (including a Super Bowl run in 1997), and then followed Parcells to pla... [More]

Framework for making Big Decisions

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Choosing a fulfilling career path is such a difficult task, and I see many people have no idea where to even start (including myself). I routinely find myself asking my friends and coworkers "what do you want to do long term in your career" or "what do you want to be when you grow up". I seem to hear the following responses repeatedly: I am OK with what I am doing now (most of the time this is not actually true) I don't know / I am not really sure I want to get to the next level (be pr... [More]

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